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So a Jungian, a Freudian and an Epistemologist walk into a bar.....

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There’s always a touch of real whimsy in your stream of consciousness, which I cherish, since it lets me know you don’t take yourself / your “self” / your thoughts TOO seriously--all the while enticing me along as you answer each question with several more (at times much stranger) questions... It’s what I love most about (good) existential literature and (great) spiritual literature, and there are definitely some raw nuggets of hard-earned wisdom gleaming through the background noise of the bar here! Excited to read more, and I do hope you keep writing them--even if it feels awkward to do--I’ve always found the absurd liberating, and my best ideas have often come from such streams. Who are you reading besides Stein?

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Thank you friend. You said it perfectly -- it IS liberating. I haven’t read much by way of the surrealists of late, but Aragon was a recent treat (“Paris Peasant”) as is my continued devotion to Seinfeld reruns. ‘Tis my religion.

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I always love it when a subject walks into a bar. ..

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Fine writer and reader of Substack—we are starting a movement to get a poetry section added to the platform. Can I ask, are you with us?


If so, please consider clicking the above link and liking the Notes post—leave a comment or even share within your own community. Poetry lives on in the minds of hearts of writers, it breathes on the page.

Your voice can be heard among the starry illuminations, howling at the moon.

Thank you for your time and support.

Love and appreciation,


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